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  • Claire Sheehan

What's in your emergency self care kit? Summer selfcare practice 20 August 2018

Especially when I am going away I like to have a little emergency selfcare kit with me. Things that make me feel good. Reminders about the intentions and mantras I want to hold or behaviours I want to live.

I started this the first time that we took a long trip on the train on a family holiday. Travelling with two small people can be a bit stressful when you are juggling all the many things you need, two small people with an exploring mind, and two buggies whilst getting on and off trains!

As we continue through the summer I was reminded of how useful I found this last year and thought I'd share it in the hope it was a useful practice for you to consider when you were out and about.

Creating a travelling selfcare kit

What would you put in your selfcare kit?

Last year I had a little pack of mantra cards that I had created, with different phrases on. I also packed a small buddha statue which always has the effect of making me feel calm and peaceful. I also included a small Neal's Yard roll on aromatherapy blend which I used when I was setting off on the train journey and at times when I felt I needed a boost.

I loved having this to bring out on the holiday and it acted as a way to centre me and remind me both of home and that we were on holiday - and that it is good to take those moments for yourself to relax and enjoy the downtime (I'm not the only Mum that sometimes thinks it's super stressful to go on holiday, am I?)

Do your children need their own selfcare kit?

Maybe nothing so formal, but are there things which by packing them, you know that it will make their life a little happier or a little easier? A small cuddly toy is one we pack when going away, a favourite and loved story that they are used to having at home. Something to keep them occupied on the journey.

I'd love to hear what you take with you that reminds you to take care of yourself away from home.

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