I've always had a huge interest in selfcare and self development, and themes of positivity and possibility are huge influences to me in what I create.


I am a big advocate for self care - especially passionate about needing as a Mum to fill my own well so I can be the best Mum possible for my boys. I'm no good when I am tired and grumpy! This is something that is reflected a lot in my work and I actually came to art from needing a break as a new mama to twins, to do something just for me not the routines of feeding, sleeping, changing etc in the early days!

One of my twins is on the austism spectrum so I'm also passionate about the role parents and especially Mum can play in being a strong voice for her child - empowering Mumma to be happy, calm, strong helps her advocate for her child from a place of strength.


All this informs my art and my manifesto I've designed helps remind me that my work is both about MY joy in creating and the part that plays in my life, and also about the ethos of my work that it is all about the routes to joy we can choose to take when we curious about living a well lived and loved life.  


I'm Claire. I am an illustrator and love creating work that is all about joy and living a happy life.

As well as loving to create things, I am a Mum to twin boys, and married we live in the southeast of England on the Essex Estuary near Southend - I love being able to walk to the beach as I come from the midlands which is about as far from the beach as you can get in the UK!

I love the idea of my work rippling out happiness in the world especially in these days where it feels like so much of the world news is negative. 



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