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Choosing Self Kindness Card deck from CSheehanArt

Choosing one card every day as part of a simple ritual or your morning tea and coffee break is a gift you can give yourself day in, day out. 

Self Kindness_037.jpg

The Choosing Self Kindness Card deck is an invitation to do just that.  Designed during the lockdown in Spring and Summer of 2020, each drawing was created to support my own application of what I had been learning from Mindful Self Compassion. Creating  illustrations helped me day by day thinking about what I had learnt and how I could look after myself in those unprecedented times.

As I started to print them so I could see what they looked like, I realised that what I was developing was a meditation tool and one I could also use when I was struggling with something. I started printing each one and also sharing them, before deciding that they would become a card deck as cards were something I was already used to using in my own meditation practice and to ask myself intuitively for guidance and inspiration.

They've been through several iterations with help from feedback from friends, Facebook followers and other creatives and now I'm super proud to share them with the world for them to be used to inspire the every day self kindness practice of others.

What's included:

  • 56 card deck fully printed on both sides. 52 cards split into 4 suites of 13 cards each, to help you choose comforting compassion, conscious calm and clarity, connection & Celebration and "can-do" courageousness - I love the fact that being kind to yourself is as much about helping yourself be out in the world in as awake, joyful, and powerful way as possible.

  • Full colour tuck box to keep your cards in

  • Cards and tuck box are professionally printed within the UK and are printed on 350gsm specialist card for a beautiful matt laminate look.  

  • The 4 information cards include information about the creation of the deck, ideas for how to use the deck, information about the maker and ideas for further resources to explore Mindful Self Compassion for yourself.

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