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  • Claire Sheehan

Mama mantras for a more mindful evening

I am ready to choose JOY everyday.

As a parent it is true that the years are short but the days are long - and sometimes the part of the day that feels longest is the few hours in the early evening up until bedtime.

day 1 mantras for a more joyful evening

As I am seeking to choose JOY this year, I am looking at what mindful changes I can make that will help me find more joy in the every day. Because how we spend our every day is how we spend our lives.

Each day where I can I will be posting a thought that I am musing on, a mantra for the day and occasionally other resources I am finding useful.

Thought for the day:

Q: What is prompting your wish for a more JOYFUL and MINDFUL evening?

I've been conscious of opportunities for a happier change where I feel more engaged in the hours between when we finish school, and when the boys go to bed. I don't think I'm alone in that! It can feel that the time when we have least energy as parents, is when our children have their own challenges:

  • Transitioning from the school day to being at home

  • Tired from a busy day at school

  • A little bit "hangry" and needing to eat immediately

  • Rejuvenated after tea and wanting to do lots of active play, at a time when I am winding down for the day

  • Needing to do any "tasks" for school or home such as reading

So it feels to me that there are opportunities to make changes for the better, and that by asking myself questions about what I am seeking to change, I can create a few things I can test to see what difference they make to the level of joy I experience in the every day.

Todays Mantra:

As I start on this journey, let me remember and know that...

"I am open and ready to start creating a more peaceful, joyful evening"

Let me remember this journey is an unfolding and is not perfect. Let me remember to focus on the positives and what I have learnt.

Tomorrow I will be focusing on what my ideal would look like - see you then!

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