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Turn to soothing practices - weekly self kindness invite

What does it mean for you to turn to soothing practices?

Today I have chosen one of the first cards in my self kindness deck I am designing. For me, the girl having a cup of tea is so resonant of a small step I can take to soothe and comfort myself. It's something we can do fairly easily and just take a little time for ourselves. For me, it is a symbol of the ease that we can choose for ourselves which is only a finger tip away. Even in the midst of the early days of having twins, I've still drunk copious amounts of tea, even if I didn't manage to drink them all hot then!

Each of us will have our own ways to choose a soothing practice. Something that feels good and calming and relaxing and allows us to pause and breathe out all the tension. What are your soothing practices? Who are the people you chose to go to when you need soothing? And how can you soothe yourself this week?

Even if it's a simple 5 minute pause, maybe you can make it more mindful and more appreciative and warming by slowing it down and savouring it. For my cup of tea that is making it and using a beautiful favourite mug, and taking time to sit and allow myself to cup my hands around it. To warm myself with the feel of the cup. To feel satisfied by the feel of the cup in my hands thankful for those who made the cup and who made the tea.

What simple soothing practice will you take time for this week?


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