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  • Claire Sheehan

An invitation to everyday celebration

We can make a celebration as big and as little as we like, as formal or informal as we like. Maybe this week you can see where you can introduce a little extra celebration into your every day?

celerbate love

It was Sunday and everyone else had gone out to get their haircut (and to divert Daddy to the park on the way home). I love Sundays, to me they are synonymous both with thinking about the new week and being a good excuse to have a chilled out day. They are often my selfcare day, as I tend to be less on social media and more immediately doing family things or finding time for a good soak in the bath.

I'd had my haircut on Saturday and felt so much better and back to myself after a month of poorly children and poorly me. On Sunday I just knew that I felt in a great space. I was excited to start thinking bigger and about how I can offer more useful gifts to the world. I started card reading, meditating and journaling and felt super inspired at all the possibilities. For the first time this weekend I've felt like I really am starting to understand how the universe has my back - (Thanks Keri and the thrive work I've been doing!) as I realise all the amazing things which have shown up just as I have needed them. Suddenly I knew I had it in me to play bigger. I don't think it is any coincidence that I have been paying more attention to being curious, trying things out, and above all trying to let go of the "but how" and into what feels right.

I have been taking better care of myself as I now know its when I have that clearer, higher vibe that I can do great things. In short, on Sunday I was feeling super excited and like I had a new start in my head.

I wanted to celebrate.

Rather than my usual somewhat scruffy wear I decided to get dressed up, add a little makeup (which I rarely wear) some perfume and also to put some music on. I set the table and wrote us a little note each saying to all the family something I loved about them, and put the notes on the table.

When everyone came home they wondered what was happening! I told them we were going to have a lovely celebration together and celebrate love. They were so onboard with it! "Yes, a love day!". I love that they are so open to what a gift love is. They made me little heart cards and when we were reading the notes I had written said that they wanted to do this every Sunday.

Sometimes my own heart just overflows.

How does this fit with selfcare?

My invite to you this week is to step up your selfcare by fitting it together with things that will bring you joy. You don't have to have anything formal planned, it was so lovely to do something completely off the cuff and we all said what a lovely day it was. When I invite myself to take good care of myself, sometimes it's because I know I need the boost or it's because I know I'm not at my best. Now I'm working with myself on self-compassion and mindfulness, I'm also recognising that for me there is a step beyond selfcare to get back to OK that is all about allowing in JOY. I need my selfcare, to keep me grounded, and calm and well. My invite to you is to step it up and look at how you can add a little celebration in this week - maybe something love related as we have Valentines Day coming up this week too!

3 invitations for you this week

1. Write a little note to someone you love and tell them something you love about them that makes you happy and joyful.

2. Add a little celebration into your week - you don't have to plan miles in advance but think about setting the table, or having a cake, or whatever you do to celebrate in your house.

3. Celebrate something just for YOU too - something you're proud of, something you did that you have been putting off, something about yourself you just love.

Until next time, Friends.

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