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  • Claire Sheehan

Saying yes - Mindful evenings for mamas

When we choose yes it brings an opportunity for joy into our evening.

saying yes to joy

Often as a Mum I feel like my default mode is No. No we can't do that right now. No that's not safe. No we are in a rush. No. And it's not always possible - or right -to say yes. But as part of this more mindful, joyful evening routine how about looking for more opportunities to say yes? Not all of them...but actively looking out for where I am saying no by default. And where saying yes could bring more joy, more connection, and more fun.

Yes to playing with the bubbles.

Yes to stopping by the stream to look at what's happening in it/playing Poohsticks on the way home.

Yes to the much loved tv show.

Yes to that game they want to play.

Yes to the new pair of PJs that weren't supposed to be until tomorrow.

And what if saying yes isn't just good for me, but is good for all of us? Is easier, more fun, more like enjoying the journey we are all on together?

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