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  • Claire Sheehan

Start the day with kindness - selfcare invitation Monday 3 September

Today I invite you to take a few minutes before you're even out of bed. To take those moments to think about how you can add in a sprinkle of kindness to yourself and to those around you.

start your day with kindness

I've been thinking about kindness and in particular self kindness a lot this week and realised it's at the heart of what I think about when I consider selfcare & the work I do with selfcare. Kindness is a huge thing for me and one of my most important considerations with the boys is that they show kindness to those around them, whilst still developing a strong presence and voice in the world. I want this so much for them - yet am I always kind enough to offer that to myself? Do you want one thing for your children that you know in your heart of hearts is something you personally struggle with?

First of all, be kind to yourself. Wake up with kindness. Allow time for your day to start. Whisper a thankyou to the universe. Tell someone that you love them. Remind yourself that YOU are worthy of kindness to yourself and from others. Write yourself a mantra that you can say first thing that grounds you in that kind mindframe for the day.

I'm experimenting adding a (very) short loving kindness meditation into the start of my day. Even saying these meditative phrases to myself can be done with little ones or when you are just up and having your shower for the day.

Put your hand on your heart and feel the love and kindness that is all around you.

Open the heart of your family to kindness and self kindness this week

  • Leave yourself a little extra time for small kindnesses that cost nothing but mean so much.

  • Take the extra time to say I love you.

  • Hug those close to you

  • Make a special breakfast

  • Write a note for the lunchbox or pop it somewhere your partner will see it.

  • Start the day on a fresh note.

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