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  • Claire Sheehan

Little love notes to the soul - summer selfcare practice 13 August

It's easy I find to keep a log in my head of all the things I am not so good at. The trick is to focus on the good, on what you can do and on what is working. Part and parcel of creating a selfcare practice is to get used to seeing the good in yourself, rather than the stories that you are used to telling yourself about how we are.

Selfcare practice - write yourself a love note this week.

When we show up with love, we can do great things. This is no less true when we talk and think about ourselves. This week I am practicing with intention little acts of love to myself. Creating small love notes to myself that remind me how well I am doing and that I'm doing a good job. Little mantras said to myself with joy.

I choose to allow myself to love myself.

How powerful is this realisation, that we can shower ourselves with love? That we are most powerful when we treat ourselves as we would our most dear best friend. Who we are honest with, love and support no matter what?

I choose to be my own best friend this week.

I choose the language of love to myself and to those around me.

I choose to create a memory bank of happy memories and salutations to my soul this week. My intention is to keep it simple and just write small phrases to remind myself of work done well. Goals achieved. Happy parenting moments. Little mantras that remind me, you have got this mama. You can do this. You can do hard things.

Family love notes...

I'm also going to work on expanding this to some love notes scattered around to see what the family thinks and how they see each other through love. We talk about love a lot in our house. Hugs are our language. We don't often write this down,, other than through cards. Yet I'm thinking sometimes it is the spontaneous recognising of each other that has that added moment that says to someone else, you see me and my soul. They know they are loved, and appreciated. They themselves have something to hold onto when they are feeling a little blue. When is the last time you gave or received a little love note?

Until next week my friends in practice,


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