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  • Claire Sheehan

Monday Selfcare Practice 16 July - Create your summer vision

This Monday I'm focused on the weeks ahead so considering the balance between being in the here and now, finishing the end of term and getting ready for the holidays. So many things to think about at this point of the school year!

Todays practice is brought to you in this spirit of welcoming the transition into summer with grace. Ever done a vision board before? Creating a vision-board for me allows me to step back and create an overview of what I'd like to see, what I'd like to do, and how I'd like to feel. It is about living in line with both your dreams and your values.

Creating a vision board can be simple. I'm suggesting it as an act of selfcare as I find when I create vision boards for key seasons, they help me to focus on the feelings I'd like to have when I think about that time, as well as thinking about when I look back in time what kind of memories do I want to have created? For my own selfcare, it's been about creating a vision which recognises that I am more than Mum - I need some space for me.

As a Mum this is also a great opportunity to get the family involved by asking them to help you in the process. We did this at the weekend and the boys loved being asked to add pictures, and shape what went on the boards. I added words that summed up some key summer elements for me. One of the boys also wanted to create a separate board and it was great to see what they added which wasn't in my original set of pictures. Now that they are in school and reading they can read the text elements and understand more about the overall intent of the summer vision.

"We can put one in our room, Mummy and one downstairs" - what a great thought from N. And it's added another dimension that wouldn't have been there if I was just doing this on my own.

It's been shaped by my summer planner which we already spent some time looking at and it's definitely come through in our vision with his vision containing zoo animals, picnics and icecream!

To create a simple vision board

  • Use a backing sheet of card, that will hold the pictures that you add. Just make sure it's sturdy enough to have a few images glued to it! The ones above were A3 card that I had for some backing boards.

  • Talk and think about what summer means to you. What do you remember in your best summers that you'd love to show up in summer this year? What does a happy summer look like? What words do you want to feel when it comes to your summer? And what needs to happen (or what don't you want to do this summer!) to make sure that it's the emotion that you want? For instance if you want a calm summer, what does that look like? What do you need to make time for? What activities will you be doing?

  • Look for pictures and quotes and words that show that vision - I had a lot of old magazines already at home that I used for this. I've also done a digital version in the past using Pinterest but wanted to get the chidren involved here.

  • Play with where you'd like to stick down the words and pictures to make a happy collage.

  • Keep its somewhere you can see it!

  • Have fun over the summer....

I'd love to hear about your vision board if you make one!

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