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  • Claire Sheehan

Monday Motivation - one small thing done with great love

It's Monday and it's so easy to feel overwhelmed, when you come back after a lovely weekend and look at all the things you'd love to get done within the week! I'm feeling it this weekend after a lovely weekend chilling out in the garden and having a mini at home party for the royal wedding, just the four of us. Even the boys watched (most!) of it!

So today I'm starting this new theme....One small thing done with great love. I hope it inspires you to think about how it is often the little things which bring us joy and allow us to approach what we do with joy and intention. For me it offers a deepening and relaxing into what is possible.

So what things am I doing this week? First of all I am acknowledging the fact that I feel very busy. It is the week before school holidays and I've been preparing trying to get ready for some new legislation coming in, GDPR. I'm also working on ideas for new products a new commission for some artwork and want to finish a course I will lose access to at the end of May. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. My first step is to simply pause and notice that's how I am feeling, and ask what

- What is important to me this week?

-What is the possibility that could unfold this week?

With this in mind, I've made a couple of promises to myself for this weeks One small thing done with great love:

Introduce a small daily (within the week) yoga practice. I kept hearing about Yoga with Adriene and I've finally got round to watching some - some are less than 20 minutes long including some anxiety and releasing stress ones.

Add in extra time. I've given myself permission to pop the boys into afterschool club a couple of days this week. This isn't something we generally do but I know I want to get a lot done and just allowing myself to take the time so I can feel up to date will hopefully mean I feel much more relaxed about enjoying some family time next week.

I'd love to hear what one or two small things you are doing for yourself this week to make your life a little easier or more fun.

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