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You do you - celebrating Mothers Day your own way

Mothers Day can feel fabulous and it can also feel tough - in the way that days set up by others often can do. This can be for many reasons including losing your own Mum, being estranged, struggling to conceive, struggling with your own role as a Mum to name just a few.

Whatever you are doing today, treat yourself with love and kindness. Do things which feel in tune with how you are feeling, and talk to someone who cares if you are struggling today.

It is also OK to have a redo if you are struggling - one year when my twins were small I remember feeling everything wasn't quite as I hoped - I think someone had been ill, no one was sleeping well, and I felt a bit low and grumpy. We did do things but I also said to my husband, lets also do some things next weekend when there is less pressure of the day.

You do you - and take care of yourself and enjoy your day the way that feels right


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