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World Book Day - Self Kindness and Self Compassion

If you're interested in self kindness and self compassion I thought you may like some of the books here, all books I have read in my quest to learn how to be a little kinder to you. Check Amazon, your local bookseller or your usual place to buy books to check out more information.

I have always had a huge interest in self development, self help, coaching books and learning how to be kinder to myself - from my very early days working I struggled with feedback as I like to get things right first time! So I read a lot - a lot of this is very much still work in progress for me but I am working all the time on getting better at listening to my kind voice rather than the one who questions and criticises me a lot!

So here are some of the books that got me started:

Kristin Neff - The Proven Power of being kind to yourself and Fierce Self Compassion.

Kristin is one of the first books I read on the subject and Kristin and Chris Germer are the founders of the Mindful Center for Self Compassion, the organisation I did an 8 week course with just as lockdown was starting, and who I have done the first stage of teacher training with. They have both done a lot of research and thinking around being kind to yourself, and how it links with mindfulness and accepting our common humanity. Kristin also has a second book about Fierce Self Compassion (shown) which is more about the "mumma bear" in us when we need to use compassion as our strength rather than to comfort and soothe.

Chris Germer The Mindful Path to self Compassion

Another book I really like if you want a smaller/shorter/ pop in your bag kind of a read is this little gem by Kathryn Lovewell who I have also done training with here in the UK.

And finally Tara Brach, radical compassion I enjoyed. There are many few but thought you'd like these tasters! Also love the small pocket size books of Thich Nhat Hanh and Pema Chodron.


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