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Self Kindness Advent Day 8

Self kindness advent day 8

Appreciate your own contribution

May I appreciate all I am.

I know this can feel hard to do- to acknowledge either what we are good at or what we contribute. Yet we can be quick to speak up to ourselves about what we see as our own weaknesses, lack and things we are disappointed in ourselves in. Our self critic is often loud and prevalent.

So this advent, as well as general kindness let us acknowledge our own role in advent and bringing Christmas to life.

A list of all we do and all we have done already.

How we are making a difference for ourselves and our immediate loved ones.

The preparation that we do. The present buying, wrapping, sending cards, sorting food, arranging and attending get togethers. Sometimes it can all feel gargantuan- always something else on the list to do.

Self kindness helps us simply remind ourselves today that we are making a difference in all that we do, and in all that we are.

Let us pat ourselves on the back today for progress made, things done, the role we play.

What are you appreciating about yourself this advent day?


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