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Self Kindness Advent Day 24

Self kindness advent day 24

Let passing thoughts go.

I am thankful for practices which allow me to let thoughts go with ease and compassion.

Happy Christmas Eve to you.

How is it for you today? Sometimes when we are looking forwards to a fixed point in time it can become a pressure point, where we focus on what we should be doing or feeling.

Letting thoughts go with ease doesn't mean we don't acknowledge them or honour them where we need to just that with love and compassion we allow them to float on without getting ourselves too stuck. Today I honour my feelings of grief that popped up missing my Mum. These occasions we all celebrate do bring up the feelings of times past - and that's ok. We can hold it all in our hearts.

We can also do what we can to treat ourselves above all with love - to focus on what matters most this day which helps our thoughts stay light and compassionate. We can make our own magic, our own love, our own light this Christmas time (and always).

Place your hand on your heart and smile love into your heart and soul.

Wishing you a very Merry and kind Christmas and New Year.


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