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Self Kindness Advent Day 21

Self kindness advent day 21

Press pause before acting

I can press pause so that I am able to choose what is best for me here and now.

Even writing this makes me exhale out a breath of relief. I have a choice. I can choose to give myself a break, choose to be kind to myself, choose to decide what I need right now.

In creating a space for ourselves we give ourselves permission to respond wisely and with compassion to our situation and what's happening around us in the world. We can let go of busy and just sit in the present moment.

Isn't that gorgeous and juicy and wonderful?

More, I can be intentional in choosing to rest when I need to. Before I need to! By learning how to build in rest it it is more likely we will arrive at Christmas itself still full of the wonder and awe of the season.

Make it your own: what pauses and self kindness breaks can you create intentionally for yourself today?


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