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Self Kindness Advent Day 5

Self kindness advent day 5

Mindfully stay on track - may I joyfully lead a life of purpose and meaning

One of the affirmations on this card is "I am choosing today to follow my purpose - I easily stay on track because I choose to focus on what is important to me"

Today write a list of what is truly important to you this festive season for you to enjoy and relish this season as much as possible.

Then you can look at it and use it to prioritise creating time to do those things which feel most aligned to your own pulse and which adds most value to your life.

Consider if you want to add an element of service - maybe donating time or food to a food bank or collection, donating time elsewhere? It can be as simple / aligned with your values as you like.

Maybe it's as simple as asking your myself what you need to stay on track with being kind to yourself this festive season and not letting the expectations of others take you away from that purpose,

What does this look like to you and how can you integrate this into your own life this week?


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