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Self Kindness Advent Day 4

Day 4 self kindness advent

Take time to relax

Actually since I wrote the card decks I'd change this slightly to give or allow yourself permission to relax. I find it difficult to slow down, switch off and relax - and it can be especially true during advent.

This advent try thinking of a spacious, calm season filled with joy and doing things you love and which bring you energy. We need to create and then protect these spaces in our lives, like the white space on a page they allow the rest of the words and activities to become more vibrant.

What relaxes you? Consider creating a list of things which you personally feel are relaxing and which energise you or restore you. These may be your every day activities like sitting down with a cup of tea, or having a soak in the bath, or something festive that brings you joy like listening to carol concerts or sitting quietly in the morning watching the Christmas tree lights.

Instead of thinking of taking time which can make us feel like it's being taken from somewhere, consider it your gift to yourself and to those around you. Allow yourself to be as twinkly as the Christmas lights - allow your own light the energy it needs to shine this season.


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