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Self Kindness Advent Day 3

Self kindness advent day 3

At this busy time of year it's easy to rush through things, to want to get stuff done, finished, off your list.

Slow. Pause. Breathe.

Offer yourself a gift of time. It does not need to be long but by slowing, breathing and being intentional you can add a mindful moment into any task from washing the dishes, making a cup of tea or wrapping presents.

What is your best most joyful intention for yourself and this task in this moment?

Here are just two examples...

Wrapping the presents...

Wrap with intention, knowing you are sharing gifts from love. Give yourself time to enjoy the task. Set up intentionally, maybe listen to Christmas music, add a handwritten note to your gifts, sit with the fairy lights on and make an event of wrapping.

Cup of tea...

Give yourself five minutes to make slowing and savouring a cuppa a real gift. Find a comfy corner, breathe mindfully as you prepare the tea. Sit, and enjoy the sensation of allowing yourself this break. This festive season how about sitting with the fairy lights on, maybe first thing in the morning whilst it is quiet and still. Wrap your hands around your cup and enjoy your drink. Give thanks for this time, your cup and all the work that went in to creating your drink and your cup. At the end thank yourself for giving yourself this moment of mindful reflection, joy and peace.

Share a small task you could make mindful this season.

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