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Self Kindness Advent Day 19

Self kindness advent day 19

Start today with love

Each morning when I wake up I pull one of the Choosing Self Kindness card deck as I set my intention to be kinder to myself.

This advent when we have been full of colds, chest infections and had the kids off too, it would have been easy to let this go. Creating a habit of it and enjoying it, as well as the simplicity of it has kept me coming back everyday to create that start of the day with love.

We can commit to ourselves in ways which are simple yet joyful, and which follow through on the promises we make to ourselves.

It does not always feel easy to be kind to ourselves. Yet we can make it simple. And I think, when we make it simple and easy to do - it becomes easier to keep doing it, again and again.

Make this your own: What simple thing could you do to start your own day with love?


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