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Self Kindness Advent Day 17

Self kindness advent day 17

Allow time for unfolding

In the advent story, it all takes time to unfold. Because we know the story we see where it is going, yet it still takes time for the story to wend through to all the awe of the story is fulfilled.

Can we allow it to be the same for us? To allow time for the unfolding of good things this advent? For being kind to ourselves for the bits that feel super tough when we are stuck right there in the muddy nowness of them?

I find allowing things to unfold... challenging! How about you? I like to be in control, to set the pace, to get things done. Yet self kindness and mindful self compassion as well as the challenges of the last few years, have nudged me gently and whispered to me, sometimes there is another way. Sometimes like in nature, the best way is to allow things to unfold and unfurl into their full gorgeous meant to be-ness.

A week to Christmas Eve today...what would it be like if you allowed it all to unfold with ease?

It feels like one of those slowmo images on nature shows of ferns growing and unfurling, gently arriving just as you need to be right there, just in time for Christmas. All is well.

Do try this at home / make this your own: Sit down in a quiet safe cosy space and close your eyes. Breathe slowly. Allow your mind to still and your heart to listen and to see the next week unfolding with ease. Let out all the tension that may have been gathering. Imagine yourself arriving at Christmas Eve knowing it had all unfolded in such a calm and easeful manner. What would it be like? What would be different? What can you do to allow that truth to unfold?


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