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Self Kindness Advent Day 16

Self kindness advent day 16

Turn to soothing practices

Ahhhh... what soothes your soul?

Let us just sit for one moment right now and just let all thoughts of things to be done go. Let out a long exhale and put your hand on your heart. Let us learn how to offer ourselves comfort and soothing.

What aspects of advent do you find comforting and soothing? Often in the tradition and ritual and nostalgia of Christmas we can go back to the simple pleasures that soothe our soul and bring us comfort or remind us of past Christmas joys - the satsuma in the bottom of our Christmas stocking, that you now carry on with your own family that brings a smile to your inner heart. For me one of the big things is sitting next to the Christmas tree, lights twinkling, knowing in that moment I give myself, I have nowhere to be, nothing to do other than just enjoy the moment.

Do try this at home / make it your own: You could make a list of all the things you already do that soothe your soul about advent or if you're struggling - how about creating some new rituals or traditions this year that are specifically focused on soothing your soul, bringing in a little comfort and joy?


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