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Self Kindness Advent Day 15

Self kindness advent day 15

Practice thankfulness everyday

Each night at the children's bedtime we hold hands and share something, at least one thing, we are thankful for that day. We then do a simple loving kindness mantra

May I be well

May I be happy

May I let my worries go

May I feel safe, secure and loved

It's a really lovely part of what can be a stressful time of day with children. Do you have a space you could dedicate to thankfulness?

Another festive thing we did in previous years was writing a note each day on a tag and hanging it on the Christmas tree to share something one of us wanted to be reminded of being thankful for. This is a nice way to incorporate gratitude into your Christmas routine. I've also seen this done with notes on a string over the mantelpiece or on the wall.

Do try this at home / make it work for you: Is there anything here that you could adapt for yourself / your family? I would love to hear about any gratitude rituals or routines you have and if you do anything special at Christmas.


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