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Self Kindness Advent Day 13

Self kindness advent day 13

Find reasons to celebrate.

I sometimes think we put so much effort into “the big day” that by the time we get there we are worn out, worn down and quite often getting under the weather. So how about if this advent we focus not just on Christmas Day but find reasons big and small to celebrate every day, throughout the season?

Every day we can create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort for ourselves. Every day we can ask ourselves, what do I have to celebrate today? Or what can I add into today, consciously and with intention, so that I celebrate this day and all I am thankful for in it?

It’s often not the big moments that make the most difference to how we live our lives but the small moments we create on our every day journey. The hugs from our children. First Christmas cards arriving. A baking session together. Seeing a friend you’ve not seen for a while. Celebrating taking the time to sit and listen to Christmas music in the early morning or evening whilst all is quiet.

And sometimes it’s true we just don’t feel like celebrating...what then? Sometimes for whatever reason we are right there in the hard. Last year I’d not long lost my mum Christmas was hard. But having children meant they were still in Christmas mode, so it was different, hard but we still found our beautiful moments to celebrate the good that was right there in the moment.

Do try this at home / make it your own: What can you do today to bring a little celebration into your day? Share one thing that you are celebrating today a tiny detail that has the possibility to light up your day.


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