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Self Kindness Advent Day 12

Self kindness advent day 12

I believe in myself

Christmas is a time above all of Magic and belief and wonder. It's a message that our adult selves can benefit from too. When we are children we wholeheartedly say of Santa I believe in you.

Our own miracle everyday is our ongoing getting through things we think are too hard, not doable. Even when we don't quite believe in ourselves, the universe does. We still carry on through. When we believe in it, there is magic out there for us as much as an adult as a child.

It may be something that feels new and maybe hard to believe in ourselves, yet maybe we can start to give ourselves that gift this advent.

May we believe in the magic of ourselves and of others today.

As we open the advent calendar each day as children (and sometimes as adults!!) may we also remind ourselves that it's ok and kind to believe in ourselves.

May I wholeheartedly believe in myself today, this moment. May not give myself hand on heart belief in myself. May I see myself as a gift.


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