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Self Kindness Advent Day 11

Selfkindness advent day 11

Listen to your heart

One of the things I'm enjoying this advent is my five minutes sat choosing a self kindness card for the day and having a cup of tea as my twinkle lights glow in front of me.

It means each day begins with a chance to give myself time - even if just that five to ten minutes - time to slow and listen to my heart.

When we engage with ourselves compassionately we start the day, I think, feeling more grounded and compassionate to whatever comes next.

Slowdown and breathe and listen to your heart. What is it whispering to you this advent, this day, this minute? What will fill your heart with joy, peace, calm, kindness?

This advent my heart seeks....

This advent I listen to my heart and it is telling me/ asking me...

In my heart of hearts, advent is all about...

Get calm. Get quiet. Get connected to what really matters to your innermost heart.


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