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Self Kindness Advent Day 10

Selfkindness advent day 10

Small steps, big leaps

Just as the Christmas story and advent takes us on a journey our self kindness is our own journey too. Some days we will feel we made huge progress, others... not so much.

Unlike selfcare which can feel like something we need to "go and do" we can take teensy teensy steps on our self kindness journey and still know we are moving in the direction of learning, slowly and gently, how to be kinder to ourselves.

Allowing ourselves to feel all the feels and know I am ok. To allow ourselves to feel whatever comes up on a particular day, to recognise sometimes things happen not quite in the way we planned or hoped.

To say to ourselves on these days- it's ok, darling one. To put our hands on our hearts and inhale, and slowly exhale. To just be present for ourselves, our sadness, our disappointment and just to allow ourselves a little grace and love.

To continue to offer ourselves love and empathy as much as we need, each moment that we need it.

Lean in, to your own heart and your own journey, and continue small step by small step, each moment and each day a gentle compassionate response to the current moment.


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