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Notice how you feel - self kindness invite

How do you notice how you are feeling? Sometimes I think we tend to pootle along until suddenly we realise something is not quite right...we are too tired, anxious, overwhelmed. It leads to burn out, to headaches, or to illness. Something I've been trying to do especially since having children is trying to get better at noticing as part of how I live my life, how I am feeling and what I need. Often my wish to get things done leads to me pushing through when it then leads to migraines and having to take time out. Where maybe having a slower, gentler or more structured approach to working would actually stand me in better stead.

This is about what do we need to live well, rather than just to manage or mitigate events or symptoms at the point where we are struggling. It's something I've noticed in conversations about concerns about self care, that it can be a bit of a sticking plaster or alternatively is seen as just something you do as a treat or if you have the time or money to do so.

Yet when we slow down and just start noticing what we need for our own wellbeing, we are building in that kindness to ourselves every single day. Slowly we can start teaching ourselves that our consistency and love to ourselves matters. We matter. We are worthy of living a lovely, love filled, awake and amazing life.


What could be your starting point for noticing how you are feeling and making kind choices for yourself?

Maybe it is thinking about what things raise you up or bring you joy. Maybe it is keeping a diary for a week and noticing if there are any common themes about when and why you are struggling. This could help you start taking those actions by habit or by ritual - adding them in as a way to live a lovely life, rather than adding them in as an emergency self care package to avoid or recover from burnout.

What one thing will you commit to today?


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