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Invitation to self kindness Day 1: Each Day, New Opportunities

One day I had been feeling especially challenged around how things were going. I noticed as well, as it was after I had completed a couple of Mindful Self Compassion Courses, that I also felt like I was somehow letting myself down. Surely, I thought, now I have done the courses, I should just be able to be kinder to myself, better than this??

Of course, later that day I had a huge lightbulb moment. This is the opportunity that approaching thing as a practice gives us - we can know this is not something that we can do straight away, 100% "right" (whatever that means!!) but something that we will need to return to time and time again. Each time just trying with what ever shows up for us. Each time maybe learning a little bit more about how we can show up for ourselves with kindness. Each time wryly smiling, ahh, this is the time that I can try to practice kindness and compassion to and for myself.

Your Invitation for today Read the card and suggested prompts above. How does it help to remind yourself that no matter how stuck you may be feeling in this moment, there is always the opportunity to slow down and offer yourself some kindness and compassion? We can recognise it sometimes right there, in that moment. Or sometimes it comes to us more gradually when we have been able to take a deep breath and a pause and a step back.

Knowing that tomorrow is also a new day, imagine what it will be like tomorrow consciously choosing to wake up offering yourself love and kindness. How would that day go?

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