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Celebrate your unique voice - Day 3 Self Kindness Invitation

I love social media but I do find sometimes I can find myself comparing myself (especially as creative!) to all the amazing work that other creatives do, or the "success" that I see them having. Of course we can't see the detail beyond the happy squares that get posted, so we are often not comparing like with like. Where I am in my journey may not be where someone else is. We often don't think of it the other way though, where we may be further on than others, just pushing and striving and wishing ourselves further on than we are. Confession: I do this ALOT!

Yet we are the sum of all the things that have happened to us, all the choices we have made and are making in each minute that we show up in the world. We have a unique perspective to offer, a unique way to see and approach the world and something we can each share with the world around us.

When I sit and slow down and allow myself to ground myself with meditation and breathing, I can notice that this is how I am feeling. I can start to acknowledge it and offer myself kindness, and instead of becoming stuck in all those fears and comparisons I can joyfully reach for what else my inner wisdom wants me to hear. She is in there, waiting for me to quiet down and listen to what I already know inside, about the strengths I have and the journey I have been on. Yours is in there too. Can you hear her? Often she whispers because she is speaking directly into your heart and your soul, and she knows that when you listen you can hear her. We just need to make space for her by slowing down and also by starting to appreciate ourselves and what we bring to the party, more often.

Today, specifically make some time to sit and meditate on this card and offer yourself the loving kindness phrase

"May I be authentic and real"

and the affirmation

"I am unique, special and my own person. I choose to remember all the amazing part of me that make up my voice"

This card is from my Choosing Self Kindness Card deck which is available in my etsy shop.


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