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Press Pause Before Action - Day 2 self kindness invitation

I am someone who finds themselves drawn to act. I find it hard to sit down and sit still and relax, even when I know it will be to my benefit. When I get stressed and anxious especially, I want to be fixing things. I want the fastest way through, away from the stress and into it all being solved and me being able to forget about it and relax. Yet often this isn't the best way. Often the fast heat of the moment action may not be the best or right action, just the one that jumps into mind the fastest or feels fastest and easiest to do. We are trying to be kind to ourselves, but sometimes that fast jump into action may not be our kindest choice and what we most need.

I think this is because of the energy that it comes from, a place of fear and getting past rather than learning how to kindly sit with ourselves and notice, wow, this feels really tough! I need a little breather from this one! Let me come back to myself and my breath, my home space and just rest, even for a moment. Gosh, that feels better, now that I can just see and feel where I am. The breath gives us space. And perspective. And an opportunity to both hear ourselves and decide what we want to do next.

How can you take that moment for yourself within your day today? How did it feel to give yourself that moment? Acknowledge that as a moment of progress and difference it is not how you would normally do things.

Another useful strategy in that moment if you need a little extra support for yourself that can be done in that moment, and fairly quickly and easily, is the self compassion break. You can read about it here


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