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  • Claire Sheehan

Simple selfcare - just start

Maybe this is the year that you said you'd get better at looking after yourself. At empowering yourself to be your best self. Sometimes I find that thinking about all the things I could be doing leads me to not action but procrastination. Sometimes the simplest thing is to just start with one small action, and to start small.

simple selfcare love and attention

We think we need to go big, when actually a thousand small steps will take us just as far, just not in one day. Selfcare, self kindness, self compassion, call it what you will, but to me it is MORE of a process than a one thing to fix and move on from. It is remembering who we are and how we can show up and be our best, even when we feel lost, tired, confused...all of the above.

Today, this year I invite you into simple acts of selfcare and self kindness. Just for today, start with showing yourself a little love and affection.

Imagine how you show up for your own best friend, your children, the ones who are most close to your heart.

Turn that language to yourself. Lean in to sitting comfortably aware of how awesome you are, what strengths you have and what you already know to be true.

Just start...

...whispering I love you to yourself each morning when you wake up, and each night when you go to sleep.

...using positive affirmations to focus on the good and on possibility. You are already awesome, already enough. yourself permission to give yourself five minutes for something that lights you up inside. Find more joy.

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