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  • Claire Sheehan

Find the magic - selfcare invite 18 Dec 2018

When we are a child, believing in magic comes so naturally to us. It is everywhere, all around us and supported by the adults who want us to believe and have that sense of something...other. The bringing in and welcoming of joy. The tingling sensation of possibility.

find the magic

When we are a grown up we can lose that sense of magic. It can disappear in the every day business of life. But my invite this week as we lead into Christmas and all the busy-ness that can come with it, is to lean into finding the magic. To believe. To slow down and look for possibilities. Where do you find the magic?

Christmas can be a door that helps us regain the magic we find so naturally as a child, when we find a little corner of time to slow down to the pace of a child and really see the beauty of the season.

Here are a few ways to lean into the magic this week

- If you're a parent simply make some space to watch how wonderful Christmas is to your young children. They find a sense of magic in all the preparations and countdown. What are you looking forwards to with such joy?

- Look out for all the beautiful tree lights and decorations all around you. See the light and the magical atmosphere that it brings - and the sense of fun that some houses bring to it as well!

- Add a little calm corner to your home. Our tree is a wooden lit one and I love having it on in the evening - seeing it twinkle calmly somehow makes everything feel ok. We also got some "fake" candles for a lovely candle holder we bought a few years ago that I haven't really been using as small children and candles make me more than a little twitchy. So now I have the beautiful look I was trying to find, but without worrying about the flame!

- Sing some Christmas carols.

What are you doing to find the magic this week?

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