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  • Claire Sheehan

Breathe - all is well. Selfcare invite 3 December 2018

Wow here we are in the last month of the year. Already! Can you believe it? My invite this week is to take a breathe and remember all will be well. All is well.

It's so easy to get caught up in doing ALL.THE.THINGS at Christmas. Working. Christmas shopping. Stuff for schools. Stuff for presents. Stuff to get ready. Stuff that comes up. Phew.

It can be exhausting. I spent pretty much all of Saturday asleep after a migraine after a busy week. Believe me, these reminders are put out there as much for me as for anyone else who chooses to read them! I constantly have to readjust my own sails to balance my wish to do all the things with the reality of actually being able to enjoy them.

Doing the things and being able to enjoy them.


Rather than doing all the things and burning out and having to take a day of rest not because you choose to but because you're just fancying a PJ day and can make it happen.

This week I am focusing on doing the things and being able to enjoy them. That's my selfcare goal for this week.

What may that look like?

Some suggestions if you are struggling with this, in the start of the run up to Christmas.

1. Looking at WHAT things you are doing and making conscious, intentional choices about what you can do and want to do this week. Having conversations to allow that to be the reality. Seeing what needs to shift to make that happen.

2. Looking at how you can LEAN IN to the week you are having. Lean in to the festive vibe and find the quiet heart of it. At home we put the tree up yesterday and have started our 24 days of advent thankfulness (I am sharing pictures of these over on my Instagram feed). How can you ENJOY the elements this week is made up of?

3. Making some space even 5 minutes a day to yourself or when you are super busy, to remember just that - BREATHE - ALL IS WELL.

Love to hear how you are doing with this. (PS don't forget you can sign up to my newsletter to ensure you get my blog link posted to you every week on a Tuesday. You can do this here.)

Until next week, Friends


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