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  • Claire Sheehan

Let love guide you - selfcare invite 26 November 2018

Hello Friends,

Sometimes it feels like what we allow to guide us most is whatever is most pressing. It does not always feel good to work this way. When we work from a sense of urgency we can lose sight of what brings us most joy. When we lose sight of what brings us most joy, we can start to feel stagnant, or resentful or irritable but without quite realising what is driving it.

Today I say to myself, I choose a different way.

Today and this week I invite you to let LOVE guide your actions.

What would that look like for you? What would it feel like? Where may it lead you that is a different path to the one you usually find yourself on?

I can let love guide me...

  • To remember it is OK to love myself and to know that I am worthy

  • In the choices I make moment by moment

  • In the way that I respond to parenting situations and challenges

  • To give thanks joyfully for all that is good and all that I am learning

  • To consider my options and different ways of doing things

  • To breaking out of old ways of doing things

Until Next week, Frriends. Namaste.

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