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  • Claire Sheehan

Choosing JOY - selfcare invite 19 November

I started thinking about JOY as my 2019 word of the year and considering where I bring joy in my business and where I experience joy and where I create joy already. I came to the conclusion there is lots I can do in this area!

joy selfcare invite 19 nov

So this week it's my invite to myself and to you. Where can you invite JOY in? What makes you feel joyful? Could you say where you felt joyful last week? Last month? Sometimes situations happen and joy isn't top of our mind. But it's an interesting lens to look at how we approach the world and whether we actively seek out finding the joy in the many tiny things we do in the everyday.

It feels easiest to find for me in both the biggest of things and the littlest of things. When I think of this year the big joyful occasions have been family holidays and celebrations, where I am much more focused on the present moment and that joyful expectation (tho sometimes those occasions can be too expectatious for us - I can get a migraine when it's been something I have high expectations of!)

But joy is often found in the smallest moments that we forget because they are just there. The unexpected rays of sun on the school run home. Seeing a robin stop and sing. A rainbow. I notice lots of my everyday moments come to me either in nature or in things my children do that make me stop and smile and tug on my heart strings.

This week as well as keeping one eye wide open looking for them I'm going to be thinking about how I can be more active in seeking out things that bring me joy. And what I may do that facilitates bringing joy to others.

Easy ways to join in:

  • Look for things that bring you joy in the every day and keep a note of what they are.

  • Keep a joy/ gratitude diary. I have a one year week to a page undated printed journal here.

  • Write a list of things which bring you joy. Then look at your week and find a little space to add some of them in. Too big for this week? Plan in when you can do them!

Until next time, friends.

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