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  • Claire Sheehan

Calm down - choosing calm abundance over rush and urgency

Todays selfcare invite is brought to you by my feeling of rush and urgency which keeps sneaking up on me! This time of year is my busy period, but I'm getting more conscious this year all the time of being aware of when I work at my best and when I am tipping off the scale into some kind of negative.

calm abundance selfcare invite

Today I invite you as we head into the busy Christmas season to notice how YOU are feeling and what YOU want and need to return or to create a sense of CALM ABUNDANCE.

When I feel urgency it appears as rush, fear, lack, that I must get ALL THE THINGS done in HARDLY ANY TIME AT ALL. It leads to rushed decisions. It leads to doing things for the sake of it. It leads to a feeling I am trying to churn things out. It leads to resentment that I am feeling like this, which in turn leads to the feeling of a negative downwards cycle.

In this weekly invite, I find the space for me to notice it.

To challenge it. To ask myself what I would prefer to have instead. I would prefer to have a sense of calm abundance.

What does that look like? Well, it will look different maybe for me to what it looks and feels like to you. But here are some thoughts to get you going with your invite.

Calm the opposite of rush. It is the knowledge that I can choose what to do and when.

I can choose to slow down. I can choose to notice that this is how I feel right now. I can choose to pat myself on the back that I am recognising it, and challenging it for myself as an old pattern.

Calm abundance means knowing it will be OK, that the universe has my back and I have SO MANY SKILLS to do this.

Calm abundance is breathing well. Creating space for what matters.

Calm abundance is going back to the question "what is my intention here? What do I want to create, really?"

Calm abundance is choosing where to put my energy.

Calm abundance is choosing to notice when I am starting to feel out of control and asking myself what has triggered that. It is creating a space within which to slow down, even a little so I can get back to wholeness and abundance and JOY with what I am working on or spending time doing.

Calm abundance is being at choice. It is being intentional with how and where I spend my time and energy. It is looking after myself. It is being in flow. It is being open to something even better being possible.

What calm abundance can you bring in this week?

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