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  • Claire Sheehan

Keep going - adjust as you need - selfcare invite 5 November

It strikes me sometimes what an up and down thing working for yourself can be. That's what prompted todays prompt. Sometimes I feel thing are all going swimmingly, other days it feels a little like I am wading through treacle, and I'm full of self doubt about whether I can make this work and if I'm "good enough" to run my own business.

Hmm... a little like parenting!

Today, this week I am noticing this and inviting myself - and you to explore this idea of keeping going, adjusting as required.

Selfcare invite: Notice when you feel it's not working, and instead of feeling overwhelmed with it, focus on what you CAN control and when you CAN make a difference.

selfcare invite keep going

Often in the past I would see these feelings as a sign it was time to stop. And sometimes it will be time to stop. I guess knowing when it is, and when it isn't is part experience and part trusting your instincts.

It's also remembering that sometimes these feelings pop up after we are feeling pleased and proud with something we have done. It is like we self sabotage ourselves, that instead of focusing on what is working and what is brilliant for us, we start looking for reasons why that can't possibly be true.

Well today I am not falling for it. Today I am standing in the carrying on and keep going corner. Yes, there are some adjustments I need to make, that I can make. And that's OK - like sailing a boat it isn't always plain sailing. We need to adjust course for the best outcome, the smoothest journey, the best views - whatever is most important to us about that particular journey.

Working with the invite this week:

I offer you a mantra to work with this invite this week.

I am easily able to adjust and refine my plans for my best possible outcome.

3 take-away thoughts to move forwards with this prompt:

1. When you have feelings like you want to quit/stop consider whether you want to or need to rest or change direction. Maybe you simply need some time to re-evaluate what is important to you, focus on your main goal and cut out things which are getting in the way.

2. Look at how far you have already come. Rather than beating yourself up about things which haven't worked so well, look at progress already made on this journey.

3. Think about what extra fuel/ energy you need to help you keep going. Keeping going wants to be high energy rather than a trudge full of fear and doubt. What do you need to move forwards with energy and joy this week? Maybe it's an early night, maybe it's asking for some help, maybe it is a time out.

Until next week, friends.


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