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  • Claire Sheehan

The power of reflection - selfcare invite 30 October

It's the first day back to school for my twins this morning and there is no doubt we have had a busy and fun week - the boys turned six, we saw family members, we went to the zoo, we went to a bubble workshop and we had lots of fun time together. I also did a mind body spirit fair and designed a new calendar.

My invite to you this week: Reflect, respond, and renew

My invite this week is on the power of reflection to help you move past the EEKKK moments when you are beating yourself up about something that happened which wasn't exactly as you planned it (because hey, that's normal and usual life in progress, especially with kids, right??)

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It is OK to not have the perfect day, week year. The power we have in being kind to ourselves and in being aware of our selfcare, is taking some time to reflect on what works well, what we may change another time and to look at how we can move forwards.

To give you an example from my own life. Last week I wrote my blog post and I was talking about making choices and letting go of the need to do all the things. To let go of the things which didn't need to be done right here and now.

And then I had an idea I may make a calendar.

And my "I don't need to do this right now" transformed into I must make a calendar! I need to do it now! Whilst I have the kids / celebrate/ have family time/ prep for a fair!"

Did I drive myself a little crazy this week? Err maybe.

Because what I felt was I was listening into old patterns. But by choosing to be aware of it, to see it and to reflect on it I could start to think about it differently.

I could choose to...

...notice that I had a lot I wanted to get done

...Notice I was feeling bad/ guilty about the fact that I had gone so far from my stated plan/ intention

...feeling silly I had been on the edge of a migraine from doing too much

...Feeling frustrated with myself that I seemed to never be learning the lessons that I was talking about.

And then I paused. And reflected. And realised...

THIS time I had noticed it. Which meant I could look at how the rest of the week went.

This time, I had seen that life was always showing me the same lessons, because I wasn't going far enough with my selfcare. Noticing this, I can look at the changes that I make and the choices that I make to do things differently next time.

This time, I didn't let myself beat myself up for this choice. I noticed it, and I honoured the good it had brought - a very exciting new product which felt like it flowed and was absolutely ready to come out and be born into the world. If I had waited, this may not have happened.

It's OK when things aren't always as we hoped and planned.

And it's definitely OK to take a step back and reflect on how you can do this smarter/ better/ more holistically next time I get into this situation. It's also about reflecting on my own personality that this MAY and PROBABLY WILL! Happen to me again! And that each time I will learn the lesson a little more and I will be more able to get things done in a way which I feel honours the woman I want to be.

Love to hear YOUR reflections on this one!

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