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  • Claire Sheehan

Honouring selfcare, needs, wants and your reality - selfcare invite 22 October 2018

It's half-term here and that means less work time than normal. Added to that and it's also my twins birthday coming up later this week so we have lots of fun stuff to do as well. Which is all amazing and lovely but there is always that part of my head that goes...well how is everything going to get done? And what about time for me?

Honour your selfcare needs and wants

And this got me thinking about our situations and how when we slow down we can honour our needs and wants and recognise that these busy times can still allow us an opportunity to meet our own selfcare needs and other goals - just maybe in a different way to our ideal.

My invite to you this week is recognising that you can adapt your behaviours to still honour what you need in these busy periods. Rather than feeling it's just not doable at all.

My second invite is to recognise that if you CAN'T get all those needs met this week, to look at what a halfway house might be that would leave you feeling better than if you just gave up and thought nothing was possible, and how you can schedule in what you really need/want for a better time or season.

I think we have become attuned to an all or nothing thinking. Either all selfcare, or none. Either do this project/ goal now, or never get it done.

Reality has a way of sneaking up and changing our plans, but I'm inviting you to consider that you can still have them happen but that you may need to be adaptable to HOW and WHEN they happen.

3 ways to work with this invite this week:

1. Look at your time over this week and work out what your hot spots are where you might need to take extra care with your selfcare. Things that if you don't get them done will make you feel less - less joyful, less productive, less positive about the other things you are doing. Then take another look and ask yourself if that is really true. Do they REALLY have to be done this week, or can they be done at a later date?

2. Ask yourself what HELP you may need to make these things real in this week given the time and resources you have. That may mean working a little later after the kids have gone to bed to get a project close to your heart done. It may mean working with your children to find a way for some quiet time in the day if what you crave is a little quiet time but the kids are off school.

3. Schedule in the things you need to honour for your own selfcare this week so your bucket is full and you can be the best version of you in this busy time. Maybe that's an early night, an evening off tech, a longer than normal bath one evening or just taking 5 minutes to remember to inhale, exhale.

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