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  • Claire Sheehan

Write it big - creating goals that matter self care invite 15 October

This week I am inviting you to take a step back and ask yourself what you really want with your life, your dreams and your self care. YOU have the power to dream big. To write it big in your mind, in your heart, and in real life.

write it big csheehanart selfcare invite

This was inspired by creating a statement for myself about what my work is about that I hope will shine through my art, my writing and my coaching work. I feel good about the dream and I KNOW that to make it real I need to commit to it 100% - to dream BIG and to go BIG in how I can achieve it.

This morning I wrote it BIG as an A3 print for myself which is now on my wall. By writing it and keeping it big I hope to use it to inspire me, to remind me and to guide me. I want it to become part of the daily way I breathe life into these dreams.

I invite you this week to dream BIG and to write it out BIG. Put it somewhere you are comfortable. Not yet ready to share? Create it as big as you dare with the hope that soon you will feel comfortable to write it big and share it with those you love and trust to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Commit to yourself with kindness.

Like to share? How about joining my selfcare & Kindness group over on Facebook and come talk about it there? You can join here.

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