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  • Claire Sheehan

Let go like the autumn...selfcare invite 8 October 2018

It's definitely turning more autumnal everyday here, both in what I see happening around me and in the cooler air getting up and going to bed. We've even had to put the heating on! Thankful for the ability to keep warm!

This weeks selfcare invite comes from the beauty around us and the lessons I see.

Let go like the autumn - let go, have fun and be playful

I love autumn it's by far my most favourite season. I got married in the autumn, my boys were born in the autumn and I love the colour all around and the anticipation of change in the air. I think the autumn has lessons for us in selfcare, as does watching my children approach the autumn changes:

Autumn reminds us to let go rather than holding on, when it is time and ripe for change. The tree knows it is time to let go and the leaf with its changing colour reminds us, we let go when we need to.

The leaf blows where it will - after it leaves the tree it is open to what is happening in the world and will blow left and right, until it lands just where it needs to. It depends on what is happening around it, the weather, the wind, the rain. All it needs to do is go with the flow.

The leaf is beautiful as it is. It is in a new stage that we can appreciate for it's beauty, and can help us recognise that there is beauty in coming change, even if it feels like all we can see is the hard and the change.

Autumn is playful - seeing my children in autumn is joyful. They seek out the conkers with their soothing shape, lovely feel and colourful shades. They gather them together and have fun with them, wonder what they can make from all this bounty. The celebrate the abundance - look we have 87 now! There are MORE! The see the seemingly endless abundance of the autumn. They love seeing the trees change and before the full bloom of autumn noticed look the leaves are starting to fall. It is nearly autumn! They have fun in the bounty that autumn provides - kicking the leaves and throwing them up in the air. Autumn for 5 year olds is fun, playful, abundant, joyful.

How can you invite in more of this into your life this week?

I'm off to find some leaves to kick now!

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