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  • Claire Sheehan

Planning in joy - selfkindness invitation 24 September 2018

I noticed that I wasn't making space for things which were important to me and which brought me joy. This weeks selfkindness invitation is inspired by this awareness.

I invite you to notice each day of the week and how you feel within it and about it.

Self kindness invite - days of the week

This week I invite you to notice how you feel about each day of the week. Does that day bring with it a feeling of joy? A feeling of dread? A feeling of contentment? Maybe you have a story attached to how that day should be or should feel.

I invite you instead to choose what that day may mean to you. To invite joy in, instead.

Even if we have days that traditionally we have dreaded (hello, Monday) is it kind to ourselves to continue telling that story?

We can choose every day the intention we set, what it means to us and how we show up within it.

We can choose to do things within our days that are joy beacons. We can choose to get things done, move through life and enjoy this one precious life we have to lead.

This week try:

  • Adding in one activity a day that brings you joy

  • Scheduling activities to certain days so you know you show up and get the things done which are important to you - for instance I noticed that I was only really making progress in making things for my business, where it was also important to make space to do activities which grew the business, set strategy and helped me both learn and grow and get more visible. I've defined days for each of these and now I have NAMED THEM and MAKE SPACE FOR THEM I feel much happier that progress is being made.

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