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  • Claire Sheehan

Noticing the small details - selfkindness invite 17 September 2018

Its a whole new week and I'm noticing signs of transition and change all around me right now. Here we are heading into week two of school and the start of Autumn. Conkers are falling, the colour of the leaves are changing and there is that slight nip in the air that heralds the changing of the seasons.

Today I invite you to notice what is happening in you and around you.

CSheehanArt Selfkindness Invite Noticing

Today I start my day with kindness and notice that it brings with it expansion and calm. Today I notice that Autumn is here, autumn is coming. I ponder the changes that are happening for me, the children, the world. I feel thankful that I can slow down to notice these things and share it with joy to the world. I wonder what I miss when I am moving too fast.

I wonder what I miss when I am moving too fast.

Ahh, I think I do this too much. Yet today I notice it and choose not to beat myself up about it. I choose to celebrate the fact that the more I slow down, to take the time to notice, the more awareness I am building of what is happening around me. The more I can notice how I really FEEL about things. And when I slow down, how I can have more generous seconds to make a choice about how I respond to myself, to my children, to what is happening in the universe.

Maybe noticing, paying attention,, first to the little details and then to the big is the start of everything.

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Until next week friends.


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