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  • Claire Sheehan

A tiny oasis of calm - summer selfcare practice August 27

Today I invite you into a space of calm. I invite you to explore what that means to you, especially if you are a mama with little ones.

Where is my calm? Often it can feel far away, something that happened a long time ago pre children. My calm is present inside me, when I can slow down to find it. When I can make some room to ask for space to listen to and find the calm inside me.

My invitation to you today is to find some small oases of calm within your day and your week. To invite in calm by recognising when it is present. By starting small- this is not about huge sessions of long meditation but simply allowing in opportunities for presence and connection and stopping to enjoy just where you are right now.

With the family you can look at how you can create moments of calm together. Reading time is one of the things I find in our home that is great for this. I love sitting quietly reading together either to the boys or us all reading in our own space, but together. The joy of creating is to create something which best works for you.

Calm is in...

...a deep breath in and out, noticing the feeling in my body as I breathe in what is around me and breathe out a feeling of increased calm and peace.

...calm is stopping for a cup of tea and savouring the feeling of the warmth infusing my body as I really enjoy that moment, even if only for a short moment.

...calm is stepping out when support is there. Calm is also asking for support before you need it, before it feels too much. Calm is being able to recognise when we need that essential space for ourselves.

...when our babies are really little calm may be when they are sleeping, finally, when we can see their inhale and exhale and just allow ourselves to breathe in that perfect sense that all is well with the world in that moment.

...calm for me is in learning. In learning to let go of the fear that I am getting things wrong or missing an opportunity for me and my child.

What is calm for you?

I'd love to hear - pop over to my social media and leave me a comment or drop me a message.

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Until next time friends Namaste.

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