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What word will guide you this year?

Do you choose a word to guide you each year rather than a resolution? This is something I have done for some years especially when I have not had a specific goal that I wanted to work on. I've found that having one word, or a small set of words such as 3 key words for the year, has helped act both as a guidance system for the year as well as prompting me to think about what activities I would need to have in the year to fulfil that being m guiding light for the year.

I do love the idea of one word, but I have personally a very eclectic, busy mind and just struggle a lot to focus down to one word! So whilst I have chosen one word in the past, and past years have included JOY and SAVOUR, I am thinking this year I will probably choose 3 words which will help me focus on what I would really like to envision my year being like.

Some tips for choosing your word or word of the year...

- Choose a word that when you think about it, makes you feel like it will help you move in the direction of what you want.

- Consider how you will feel at the end of the year if this word has been guiding what you do and how you choose to act. What do you think you will be looking back on? How will it have made a difference to how you lived your life this year? What decisions will it have made easier for you? What lightbulbs will it have set off, as you are considering next steps to take?

- When you're choosing your word, think about what it means to you and what your WHY is to choosing it now, in this moment of your life. What is it that you want it to do for you? What will it remind you of?

Dream a day where you have lived that word for the whole day. What do you see, what do you feel, what do you hear? When you've woken up on that morning, how will you know on waking that you are in that new day where you are living out your dream aspiration of being guided by that word.

- How will it help you stretch, and maybe add some transformation to what you are doing right now? Or is it a word that helps you deepen and consolidate what you have already set in motion this year or in previous years?

Finally, when you think of the word where does it fit within your own wellbeing as an individual and in being kind to yourself? Does it bring you more awareness, make you feel more connected to your self kindness aspirations and choices, does it give you courage to make those changes to be kinder to yourself that you have been seeking?


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