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Counting your blessings - a call to wholeness

Count your blessings, they say.

Though sometimes it sounds more like you

"should" count your blessings, like

you are not fully grateful for all you have or

are a little scared, or a lot anxious like

that wipes out all your thankfulness and

makes it not count at all.


What if count your blessings was your own call

to wholeness. To count all the good things in your life

to call in your energy

Instead of listing all the fears and things that could go wrong

in a thousand countless ways

that many do not even think about but

stream into your mind like water on a winters day and fill

your head and heart with dread.

What if instead count your blessings pulled

all that goodness to you and

into your heart and

filled you with love and peace and compassion

So in turn you could shine outwards as you are meant to,

a beacon of light and a

blessing to others.

Author Claire Sheehan December 2020.

Please do share, credit me as author and add my sites @csheehanart social media and for more blessings my website and my Self Compassion facebook page


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