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Small joys and happy thoughts

It is International Day of Happiness today! Happy Happy day to you!

I love to create things which bring joy and a smile to people. It is often the little things in life that bring the most joy and make us smile. Here are a few for today:

  • Look out for nature and beauty all around you as the world blooms into springtime magic. I love to look out for lovely things on my school walk, what flowers are out, what the birds are doing, what bird sounds I can hear

  • Surround yourself with things which bring you joy and make you smile! I have spent a lot of time in the last few years adding in things at home which bring me joy and make me super happy. Including painting an old unit a pretty bright pink, painting my kitchen pink (see a theme emerging here?!) and adding teal and lovely mid century modern wall paper in my living room.

  • Send a little happy to yourself or someone else. I love getting nice post through the mail - how about you? It feels such a treat to get nice things and happy post - many things I sell are super easy to post and fit through the letter box, such as cards, prints, badges and notebooks. Pop over to and give yourself a little treat!

It is good to get into the happiness habit - at the end of the day we sit together at bedtime with the boys and talk about what made us happy and thankful for the day. It is so lovely. You can use my happiness practice pad to capture your own - it is often those little moments that are so lovely to remember at the end of the year that you would forget other wise.


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