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Choosing to be thankful

It's just been Thanksgiving, and whilst it isn't something we celebrate here in the UK it is always nice to see the posts of people getting together where they do celebrate, and focusing on what they are thankful for.

In our house we have a simple thankfulness ritual we do when the boys go to bed I would love to share with you.

When they're ready for bed, we sit on our bed and hold hands, and each go round and say at least one thing each from that day that we are thankful for.

After that we do a short loving kindness together, which usually one person starts and everyone else then joins in with.

May I be well.

May I be happy

May I let my worries go

May I feel safe, secure and loved.

It is simple but a lovely way to end the day with them. It also opens the doors to conversations about anything which may be worrying them.

Thankfulness practices inspired this image that I have in my Choosing Self kindness card deck, on a new notebook set and this pretty pin badge.

I'd love to know any thankfulness rituals or practices that you use.


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