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Are you setting an intention for your self kindness this year?

Do you set intentions, or New Year resolutions? I know that opinion on them can be split - whether it is a good time to set them at the moment on a date set by someone else / the calendar, or whether you just set intentions and goals as they feel relevant to you. Part of this is because there then gets a fatigue where often by mid January we have stepped away or stopped doing the resolution that we set ourselves so keenly on January 1st and then we may "beat ourselves up" with the fact that we didn't "succeed".

Which doesn't feel very kind to ourselves!

So maybe we think about how we look at our life and set intentions that allow us to be guided in what we we. We focus on what we want, and how we want to live. It may be that an overall intention of "Being kinder to myself this year" is just the starting step on this journey and that you want to create an intention that when you look at it will help you measure whether you are progressing in the direction you desire.

With an intention, it guides you to say, yes that action I am thinking about fits with what my intention is with my health this year. Or no, actually that does not feel like a good fit for me at the moment - what could be a better fit right now?

As with any self kindness, asking yourself what you need can be a good entry point. What is your heart whispering to you this year about the way that being kind to yourself shows up in your life in the way that you live, the choices that you make and the things that you do?

I hope this has helped with some initial thoughts on this. See what unfolds in your heart and mind as you think about what intentions may be useful to create for being kinder to yourself this year. Maybe pop some notes in a journal to help you collate your initial responses and those that come over the next few days.


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